What Types of Sheets Do Hotels Use?


Have you ever stayed in a hotel and found yourself wondering why the sheets feel so luxurious and plush? The answer lies in the choice of sheets used by hotels. Hotel sheets are specially designed to provide the guests with maximum comfort and relaxation. From cotton sateen to Egyptian cotton, cotton percale to Supima cotton, linen to polyester fabric, and percale; there is a wide variety of sheets available in hotels. 

In this blog, we will dive deep into the world of hotel sheets discussing the different types of sheets and their benefits. We will also tell you who is best suited for hotel sheets, and what thread count to look for. Lastly, we will give you tips on how to achieve that hotel-like comfort at home with the help of Cxdqtex sheets. Get ready to bring the luxury of a hotel room into the comfort of your own home!

Types of Bed Sheets Used in Hotel

Hotels use a variety of sheets, including high-quality cotton, linen, polyester, and Tencel. However, cotton is the most commonly used and durable material. The quality of cotton used depends on the length of its fibers. Three specific types known for their exceptional quality are Pima, Egyptian, and Supima. Additionally, major hotel chains such as Sheraton, Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, and Best Western offer their own luxury bedding collections. Hotel bedding is often designed for maximum airflow and breathability, using cotton-poly blends that are twisted together to create a cool sheet experience, especially during hot summer nights. A good sleep experience for guests is crucial for hotel satisfaction, and hotel invest in bedding to ensure a memorable and comfortable stay.


Cotton Sateen

One popular type of hotel sheet is made of cotton sateen, a specific thread pattern of cotton with a one-up, four-over weave. Hilton, for example, uses two types of sheets, both of which are 100% cotton and blended with sateen to ensure a soft feel. One sheet has a premium quality organic Egyptian cotton blend for an extra-soft and comfortable feel. 

While hotels do not typically use silk or satin sheets, which can be delicate, expensive, and allergy-inducing, they do opt for cotton sateen sheets for their soft, smooth, and lustrous feel. Furthermore, sateen sheets are easy to care for and are machine-washable and wrinkle-resistant, making them a popular choice for hotels.

Cotton Sateen hotel sheet - Cxdqtex

Hotel sheets can feature either U.S.-grown Supima cotton or Egyptian-style cotton. Egyptian cotton sheets are considered to be of higher quality due to their superior softness, strength and durability. When purchasing Egyptian cotton sheets, look for ELS (extra-long-staple) cotton to ensure high quality. The Hilton Cotton Stripe Linens are an example of high-quality hotel sheets made from Egyptian cotton. These linens feature a 300 thread count and are available in a range of sizes. 

The hand-picking of fibers in Egyptian cotton sheets ensures their softness and lightweight feel, making them a preferred choice for luxury hotel bedding. If you’re looking to bring a touch of luxury into your home, then high-quality Egyptian cotton sheets, preferably ELS grade, are a great investment.

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Cotton Percale

Hotel sheets are typically made from high-quality materials like cotton and linen, designed to provide a luxurious sleeping experience. When shopping for hotel sheets, it’s important to look for 100% cotton sheets with long staple fibers and combed cotton for a more luxurious feel. One of the most popular types of hotel sheets is cotton percale. Percale sheets are beloved by hot sleepers year-round for their airflow and circulation, making them an ideal choice for hotels. 

They have a tight, flat weave with a matte finish, making them crisp, durable, and airy compared to sateen sheets. While blends are less expensive and more durable, consumer testers preferred the feel of 100% cotton sheets in blind comparisons for their comfortable texture. Overall, when it comes to choosing the right hotel sheets, it’s important to prioritize materials and weave to achieve the perfect balance of comfort and durability.

Cotton Percale hotel sheet - Cxdqtex

Supima Cotton

Hotel guests often wonder what types of sheets hotels use to achieve ultimate comfort and luxury. Supima cotton sheets are a popular choice due to their smoothness, durability, and color retention. Supima cotton has extra-long staples, making it lightweight and fine yet exceptionally durable. The Macy’s Hotel Collection Sheets are made with 100% Supima cotton and offer an ultimate luxurious experience with a 680-thread count.

While Supima cotton is a popular choice for hotel-style sheets, different types of cotton fibers can also be used, such as Egyptian-style cotton or organic and dye-free cotton fibers. To achieve the cozy bed cocoon, experts from the Macy’s Hotel Collection suggest ditching the fitted sheet and using two flat ones, properly folded and tucked. Regardless of the type of sheets used, hotel guests can expect a luxurious and comfortable sleeping experience.

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Hotels commonly use cotton sheets, but linen is the only non-cotton type that is often used. Linen sheets are made from the flax plant, making them eco-friendly since it requires little water and energy to produce. However, hotels also use linen since it is low-maintenance, hypoallergenic, and soft to the touch. Additionally, linen sheets are breathable and moisture-wicking, which helps to prevent discoloration over time. While some hotels may also use Tencel or polyester sheets, these options are less commonly used than cotton and linen. Overall, linen sheets are a popular choice for hotels due to their luxurious feel and practical benefits.

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Polyester Fabric

Hotel sheets are typically made from a combination of materials to ensure durability and comfort for guests. At least 50% of the fabric in hotel sheets is made from polyester, with some lower-end chains using 100% polyester for its durability. Cotton/polyester blends are the most commonly used material for hotel sheets, with the polyester providing breathability to keep guests cool and comfortable throughout the night. 

However, it’s important to note that synthetic bed sheets made of polyester may not be suitable for sleepers who get warm at night. Higher-end hotels invest in high-quality cotton blends exclusively for a cool sheet experience. They may also use high-thread-count blends of cotton and polyester (or other types of cotton) to create a memorable sleep experience for guests. Ultimately, the quality of the bedding is a crucial aspect for guest satisfaction, and hotels take great care in selecting the best sheets to ensure their guests have a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

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There are several different types of sheets that hotels use, with varying materials and properties. While most hotels use sheets with at least 50% polyester, higher-end suites and certain European hotels provide guests the luxury of 100% cotton sheets. 

Percale sheets are a favorite of hotels and hot sleepers due to their cooling properties and better airflow. High-quality cotton and linen are among the most common materials used in hotel sheets. Hampton Inn uses a custom cotton blend sheet that can only be purchased at their store and is considered “ok, but not great” in terms of quality. On the other hand, Brooklinen’s percale sheets are a top recommendation for their ability to regulate body temperature, and are loved by designer hotels like Guild House Hotel and Gather Greene. Ultimately, the type of sheet used by an individual hotel will vary based on their preferences and desired level of comfort for guests.

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Who is Best Suited to Hotel Sheets?

Hotel sheets are carefully chosen to appeal to most guests, making them suitable for a broad range of people. Luxury hotels differ in style, breathability, and feel, but their sheets must always be soft and comfortable. They ensure that their sheets are of high quality, soft, and also breathable, which is ideal for good sleep. The sheets may come with different prices, but the ones under $100 offer great value for money. The prestigious Ritz Carlton hotel group uses only the highest quality sheets, such as Frette’s 400 thread count combed sateen cotton sheets. Hotel sheet manufacturers often choose understated color schemes to gracefully transition between guest stays. So, if you want to feel like you are in a hotel bed each night, you are sure to find and enjoy different types of hotel sheets available for everyone.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Hotel Bed Sheets

Thread Count

Thread count refers to the number of threads woven into one square inch of fabric. A higher thread count generally indicates a softer and more durable sheet. However, thread count is not the only factor to consider; the quality of the fibers and the weave also play significant roles.

  • 300-400 Thread Count: Provides a good balance of softness and durability.
  • 400-600 Thread Count: Offers a more luxurious feel, ideal for higher-end hotels.
  • 600+ Thread Count: Extremely soft and luxurious, but can be more expensive.

Weave Type

The weave of the fabric affects the texture and durability of the sheets. Common weaves include:

  • Percale: A plain weave that is crisp and breathable, ideal for hot climates.
  • Sateen: A satin weave that is smooth and silky, providing a more luxurious feel.
  • Twill: A diagonal weave that is durable and resistant to wrinkles.

Maintenance and Care

Easy-to-clean and durable sheets are essential for hotel use. Consider the following:

  • Machine Washable: Sheets should be able to withstand frequent washing in commercial laundry machines.
  • Quick Drying: Sheets that dry quickly are more convenient for hotel operations.
  • Wrinkle Resistance: Sheets that resist wrinkles reduce the need for extensive ironing, saving time and labor.

Cost vs. Quality

While it’s important to stay within budget, investing in high-quality sheets can lead to greater guest satisfaction and longer-lasting products. Consider the following:

  • Initial Investment: Higher-quality sheets may have a higher upfront cost but can last longer and provide a better guest experience.
  • Long-Term Value: Durable sheets reduce replacement frequency, leading to long-term savings.

Why cxdqtextile's Hotel Bed Sheets Are the Best Choice

Material Quality

cxdqtextile’s hotel bed sheets are made from 100% premium polyester fabric, offering a blend of softness, durability, and easy maintenance. The high-quality polyester ensures a smooth, comfortable feel that rivals that of more expensive materials.

High Thread Count

cxdqtextile provides a range of thread count options from 300 to 600, allowing you to choose the level of luxury that best suits your needs. The higher thread counts provide an exceptionally soft and silky touch, enhancing the overall sleep experience.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Hotel owners and guests alike have praised cxdqtextile’s bed sheets for their comfort, durability, and ease of care. Positive feedback highlights the sheets’ ability to maintain their quality even after numerous washes, making them a reliable choice for hotel use.

Customer Review: “Since switching to cxdqtextile sheets, our guests have consistently commented on the comfort and quality of their sleep. The sheets are incredibly soft and durable, even after frequent washing.” – Hotel Manager A

Guest Testimonial: “I stayed at a hotel that used cxdqtextile sheets, and I was blown away by how comfortable they were. I slept better than I have in years!” – Guest B

Affordable Pricing

Despite their high quality, cxdqtextile’s hotel bed sheets are competitively priced, offering excellent value for money. This affordability makes them an attractive option for hotels seeking to enhance guest comfort without breaking the budget.

Shop At Hotel Bedding Manufacturers and Wholesalers

If you’re looking to replicate the luxurious bedding experience found in hotels, it’s important to shop at hospitality bedding manufacturers and wholesalers. These companies specialize in creating high-quality bedding for use in hotels and can offer the same products for purchase by individual consumers. For example, Cxdqtex’s ComforTwill line of sheets is commonly used in hotels across the US and can be purchased for home use. Direct Textile Store is another option that offers a range of affordable, high-quality hotel bed sheets for wholesale purchase. Additionally, many popular hotel chains such as Marriott, Hilton, and Sheraton sell their bedding for at-home use, so you can bring the hotel experience into your own bedroom. Washing sheets frequently and choosing eco-friendly options like microfiber can also help enhance the hotel bedding experience in your own home.

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Choose the Right Thread Count

If you want to get hotel-quality bed sheets, it’s important to know how to choose the right thread count. While many people believe that a higher thread count means better quality sheets, this is not always the case. Instead, it’s important to consider the quality of the cotton used when selecting hotel sheets. The sweet spot for hotel sheet thread counts is between 300-600, as higher counts tend to sacrifice durability for softness. Aim for a thread count that falls within this range for soft, durable, and breathable hotel bed sheets. When looking for hotel sheet sets, avoid marketing gimmicks that advertise thread counts well into the thousands. A higher thread count ranging from 200-1000 can still be ideal for soft, durable, and breathable hotel bed sheets, provided they are made with high-quality cotton. Even 200 thread count hotel sheets can be high-quality if they are purchased from a reputable brand with a nice finish. Ultimately, the key to getting hotel-quality bed sheets is to prioritize cotton quality and thread count within the recommended range.

Pick the Right Material

If you want the same quality of bed sheets that hotels use, it’s important to choose the right material. Luxury hotels tend to prefer high-quality cotton and linen sheets for a relaxing feel. Specifically, hotels invest in high-thread-count, 100% cotton sheets for a cool and breathable sleep experience. Hotel sheets are made from thicker and superior fabrics designed for frequent use and regular washing. This gives them a crisp, heavy, and thick texture that feels luxurious and soft. Higher-end hotel chains often use cotton blends twisted together to create a cool airflow throughout the sheets. Lower-end chains focus more on durability with traditional cotton/poly blends. By selecting the appropriate material, you too can enjoy a hotel-quality sleep experience in the comfort of your own home.

Consider Cxdqtex Sheets

Cxdqtex sheets have become a popular option for hotels, resorts, and spas to provide a luxurious experience to their guests. These sheets are wrinkle-resistant and have a soft, smooth feel that provides ultimate comfort. As for hotels, they prefer sheets made from a blend of polyester and cotton because it is durable and offers a balance of comfort and cost. Besides, hotel sheets are available in different weights so that guests can select the type that suits their preferences. If you are planning to purchase sheets for your stay, it is always good to check the properties of the hotel beforehand and choose accordingly. Investing in good quality sheets can enhance your sleeping experience and provide utmost comfort.

100% Polyester Plain Sheet Fabric
100% Polyester Plain Sheet Fabric
100% Polyester Plain Woven Dyed Fabric For Bedsheet
100% Polyester Plain Woven Dyed Fabric For Bedsheet
White Polyester Microfiber Fabric For Hotel Sheets
White Polyester Microfiber Fabric For Hotel Sheets

Frequently Asked Questions

How do hotels keep their towels and bedding so white?

Hotels keep their towels and bedding so white by treating heavily stained items with baking soda and detergent before three wash cycles with cold water and bleach. This, along with frequent washing and inspections before washing, prevents stains and grime from setting on hotel linens. Hotels opt for white sheets and towels to show cleanliness and ease of washing, ensuring guest peace of mind. Additionally, high-quality laundry equipment, chemicals, or professional cleaning services can help maintain the quality of hotel linens. White bedding and sheets also match any room decor, providing a sense of luxury and efficiency for hotels.

How much do hotel bed sheets cost?

The cost of hotel bed sheets typically averages around $200, depending on factors like size and quality. Even sheets from high-end hotels like Bellagio can be purchased by the public, boasting impressive specs like 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton with a 600 thread count embroidered pattern. Hotel bed sheets can be found at the hotel chains themselves and also at large box retailers like Amazon, Target, and Wal-Mart. These sheets are engineered to withstand a year of wash cycles and use different fabrics and weaves to promote better cooling, but it’s important to note that a higher thread count does not necessarily translate to higher quality or comfort.

How long do hotel bed sheets last?

Hotel bed sheets are designed to last at least a year of wash cycles before tearing or shredding. With proper care and maintenance, luxury bed sheets can last for up to ten years at home. Triple sheeting is a hotel trick to achieve a pristine and wrinkle-free presentation, but regular washing is necessary to keep bed sheets crisp and fresh. Most hotel bed sheets are made from high-quality cotton and linen, but frequent washing and use of bleach can reduce their lifespan. To get the best use out of your own bed sheets, be sure to follow the care instructions provided and avoid harsh detergents and bleach.

How do you know if a hotel room is clean?

To ensure that a hotel room is clean, check for wrinkles on the bed, and loose debris under the blankets to ensure that the sheets have been washed. Also, look for black and green grout stains, soap scum, and hair in the shower drain to gauge the cleanliness of the bathroom. In most cases, hotel staff use commercial detergents, fabric softener, and bleaching agents to keep the sheets and towels clean for the next guest. They also use baking soda and laundry detergent to treat heavily stained linens before three separate wash cycles. Additionally, the appearance of the lobby can give you a good idea of how well the staff maintains the hotel’s cleanliness and overall appearance.

Can I get the same sheets as the ones used at my favorite hotel?

Yes, you can purchase the same luxurious sheets used at your favorite hotel. Hotels like Sheraton, Hilton, and Bellagio sell their bedding to the public. These hotels choose white sheets for cleanliness and invest in high-end materials, like high-thread-count blends of cotton and polyester, to deliver a comfortable sleep experience. The quality of the sleep experience is crucial to guest satisfaction, which is why hotels invest in their bedding. Other hotel chains, like Four Seasons and Westin, also sell their hotel-style sheets. Investing in these sheets can help you bring the hotel experience into your own home.


Hotels prioritize guest comfort, and that includes investing in the best quality bedding. There are different types of sheets hotels use, ranging from cotton sateen to Egyptian cotton to polyester fabric. Each type has its pros and cons, but cotton percale is the most popular among luxury hotels. Hotel sheets are perfect for those who value a good night’s sleep and durable bedding that can withstand frequent washing. To get that hotel-quality sleep, consider shopping for hospitality bedding manufacturers and wholesalers, and choose the right thread count. If you want to know more about the best sheets for your bed, get in touch with us to request a quote today.

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