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Polyester Satin Fabric-Elegant, Smooth, Durable

Cxdqtex is a leading provider of polyester satin fabrics with different colors, different functions, and different craftsmanship. We offer a wide range of fabrics that can be freely chosen to create unique fashion styles. Our products are available in various thicknesses and widths to fit any need or style. Plus, our prices are very competitive compared to other fabric providers out there. So why not give us a try today? You won’t regret it!

100%polyester satin fabric - Cxdqtex

Material: 100%polyester
Weight: 110G/M-130G/M
Width: 150cm
Model Number: DQ-28
Samples: Free existing samples for checking size and quality
Certification: OEKO-TEX, ISO14001, ISO9001
MOQ: 5000M /per color according to customer’s color
Package: One PE Bag, 100M/ROLL, double folded o single rolling
Sample lead time: 8-15 days
Production lead time: After receive the deposit and confirm the color about 25-30 days
FOB port: Shanghai or Ningbo
Payment terms: T/T ,L/C at sight , DP at sight
Place of origin: Zhejiang China

100 Polyester Satin Fabric - Cxdqtex

100 Polyester Satin Fabric

High Quilty Polyester Satin Fabric - Cxdqtex

High Quilty Polyester Satin Fabric

Poly Dyed Satin - Cxdqtex

Poly Dyed Satin

Poly Satin Fabric - Cxdqtex

Poly Satin Fabric

Polyester Sateen Fabric - Cxdqtex

Polyester Sateen Fabric

Recycled Polyester Satin - Cxdqtex

Recycled Polyester Satin

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Cxdqtex-Quality Polyester Satin Fabric Supplier

Cxdqtex is a large-scale textile enterprise specializing in fabric research and development, production and sales. The company has leading product technology, advanced machinery and equipment, excellent management and technical personnel, relying on scientific management methods, high-quality talents, high-quality polyester satin fabrics and worry-free after-sales service to make Cxdqtex enjoy a good reputation in overseas customers in. Our production efficiency is very high. More than 400 looms can run simultaneously. We can provide you large quantities of polyester satin fabrics with stable quality.


Our advantages

In addition to quality assurance, at Cxdqtex wholesale polyester satin fabrics, you can also get the following benefits:

Superb craftsmanship

High-density weaving specifications, coupled with mature textile technology, through special high-gloss treatment, make the fabric have a good slippery effect and a unique visual impact effect, the texture of the fabric is fine, the surface of the fabric is smooth, and the fabric is neat and orderly.

Strict quality inspection management system

Strictly implement quality inspection management, from the quality control of raw materials, to the quality control of the production process, to the inspection of finished products, and to delivery. Every production process includes our strict requirements for quality management.

Large warehouse storage center

The Cxdqtex factory has a large storage center with good stocking capacity, which can continue to provide you with large products, and can also provide you with warehousing services.

Innovative design

Cxdqtex has a professional design team, all of whom have a keen sense of fashion smell and perception. They can design novel polyester satin fabrics in combination with current fashion trends.

Polyester Satin Fabric Custom Design

In Cxdqtex, you can get a satisfactory design solution. Our professional design team will respect your ideas very much, strive to meet your requirements, and produce 100 kinds of polyester satin fabrics to your satisfaction. Enhance your brand image and added value. We are committed to helping you create more welfare space.
In order to meet the diversified needs of customers and provide your brand with diversified 100 polyester satin fabrics, we can provide you with diversified customized services. You only need to send your needs to our professional consultants, and our design team will design solutions according to your needs. At the same time, you can communicate with our design team to produce perfect polyester satin fabrics.

Customized 100% Polyester Fabric Service - Cxdqtex

Fabric FAQ Guide

We are the direct manufacturer with more than 20 years experiences in polyester microfiber fabric and wax fabric. (like pigment printed , disperse printed , dyed fbaric .ect.)

Sample order is acceptable. Please contact with us and make sure what sample you need, in general,It will take 7-15 days to finish your sample.

In general, the leading time is about 15 to 35 days after receive the deposit , But please confirm the exact delivery time with us as different products and different quantity will have different leading time.

We need 30%T/T for deposit when you place the order ,the balance should be paid against B/L copy within 15 days.We can accept LC at sight. D/P at sight, CAD.

Our sales service is 24 hours , if you have any question, pls free contact with us .

1-Ask your agent in China to check the goods for you.
2- Ask we send you the shipment sample for confirmation before ship. Also we can send you 1 meter.

Polyester Satin Fabric FAQ Guide

1. What is the polyester satin fabric?

Satin is one type of polyester fabric and this is good for the health. For satin one side is smooth always and another side is bright. Satin is one type of silk material. It has a smooth and glossy face side. For evening dresses, this type of satin will be always the first choice. It’s a really beautiful fabric and it has many benefits. There are different types of weight silk material available in the market and all have different types of smooth and attractive surfaces. There are several fields like grown, boxers, lingers, hats, ties, and beddings. Using satin fabric different types of coats are also available in the market.

Polyester is one of the popular textiles and it is one type of synthetic fabric. There are different types of garments companies available that buy such fabric for their garments. This type of fabric is made through a chemical reaction, between acid and alcohol. In this reaction, two or more molecules combine to make a large molecule whose structure repeats throughout its length. The demand for such fabric is too high and it will increase day by day. Manufacturing such textiles is very simple and easy. Polyester satin fabric is also a highly demanding fabric and it can be used for different purposes.

2. Is polyester satin good?

Polyester satin is a good fabric and there are several categories where the garment industry uses satin for their use. It’s a good fabric as long as you will maintain this fabric properly. The main benefit of using satin fabric is, that it has a smooth surface! Using this surface, people can make different types of garments, clothing, accessories, etc. You can use different types of colors for this purpose. Once the fabric will be finished, it looks awesome. This fabric is very soft and comfortable to use it is also very soft so if you will create satin clothes, people will love to wear them. The process of making this fabric is also very simple. This type of fiber is also very comfortable. You can place large quantity production whenever you wish.

Polyester is one type of synthetic polymer and it is commonly known as PET. This type of product is used for rugs and carpets. It is one type of plastic. It also has wrinkle-free characteristics. Polyester has certainly changed and improved since then it’s the best fabric all the time. Polyester is a wrinkle-free fabric and it can dry very quickly. This type of fabric is perfect for outwear. You can choose any type of color from the polyester fabric. Choose any design, shape, and size all the time. It retains its shape well. You can easily clean polyester fabric by using a hand wash or machine wash. Check and select the best quality polyester fabric all the time. Now, polyester satin is almost polyester type but it includes satin features.

3. What is polyester satin used for?

There are several sectors where people may use polyester satin fabric. This fabric is mainly used for making different types of garments, upholstery, home decors, and other manufacturing units. Polyester satin is a piece of luxurious fabric and it is a silky type. As the polyester fabric is very soft in nature and comfortable, so most garments sectors love to use such fabric to make suitable garments. There are different types of polyester satin fabric available in the market and you may choose any type as per your need. We can offer you different types of fabric as per your need. Satin fabric is the best for home textile, garments, pajamas, sportswear, etc. As it is very comfortable, so you can use it for many purposes.

4. Is polyester satin good for skin?

Polyester satin fabric is human-skin friendly. This type of fabric is good for the skin and hair. This also reduces the split ends and it also pulls on your facial skin. If you are looking for the right quantity of polyester satin fabric, then we are the best option always. We always provide bulk orders within time. We check fabric type, quantity, and other details and then proceed. We are also ready to provide you with any print you wish. We can customize any type of print you need. We have a research team who will check and inspect the finished product and they once provide a green signal then we proceed. So, always choose the right polyester satin fabric as much as you need.

5.Is polyester satin cheap?

If you will buy bulk quantities from us, then you will get a discount but the overall polyester satin fabric is not very expensive. We always focus on your need. We can customize any design you wish. We have a large production capacity and we can able to produce bulk production always. Find the best deal online and then proceed or you can contact us. We can produce a large quantity of Polyester satin fabric as per your need and requirement. There are different types of designs available in the market and you may choose any type of polyester fabric as per your need and requirement.

6. Is polyester satin the same as silk?

Polyester is always industrially made and it requires less intense labor. Polyester includes silky properties and is made for industrial use. This polyester is also less costly. This also includes natural silk properties. Regular design of fabric is the best for garments for cool weather, different bags, clothes, etc. You can choose a normal or regular design embossed pattern. Weaving is the first production process and this is the beginning. We have a large production team and all are experienced. So, we focus on quality products always. We follow your requirement and then proceed. Choose the best type of polyester satin fabric for your business use.

7. Can you wash polyester satin?

Yes, you can wash polyester satin fabric. You have to follow some simple steps to wash polyester satin fabric. This fabric is very durable and long-lasting, just like other fabrics, polyester is also able to wash properly. You can use the washing machine for washing polyester satin. But handwashing is also very important you can use normal cold water and wash it. We always focus on quality. Our main objective is to deliver quality products that last long. we deliver high-quality polyester satin fabric always. If you are looking for the best quality manufacturer to buy a large quantity of polyester satin fabric, then we are the best solution. We offer superior quality services at the best price. We never offer a small quantity of polyester satin fabric because the transportation charge will be higher than a product.

8. Is 100 polyester satin stretchy?

Yes, polyester satin is slightly stretchy. But this fabric does not include electricity. If you are looking for the best quality satin fabric then choose us. we offer superior quality satin fabric which lasts long. We have a large production team, inspection team, and packing team. we can customize packing so that during transportation any type of accident may be prohibited. Our transportation is safe and we will pack always the best way so that products will be safe during transportation. You can contact us directly to know more details about transportation. We are always ready to help our customers. Choose the best deal from us!

9. How is polyester satin fabric packaged?

If you want to pack polyester satin fabric as per your need, we can help you in this regard! We are always ready to provide you customize packing as per your need. we basically, roll 100m/per roll and double folded and then will do bale packing. We understand our client requirements and as we have an expert designer and team, we can offer those clients who need bulk orders, customized polyester satin. We have some simple steps; you need to follow those steps. First, we send you a sample of the polyester satin fabric so that you can analyze and research and identify product quality and other details. As per your instruction and the special message we can create first a sample product.

10. Why choose Cxdqtex as your polyester satin fabric manufacturer?

If you are looking for quality polyester satin fabric, then Cxdqtex is the best option all the time. we are one of the reputed manufacturing companies and we provide quality fabric all the time. we assure you about the quality. We also offer world-class service.Most manufacturers prefer this fabric as raw material because of its quality. It’s durable and it will not damage very soon. People will use polyester fabric easily. choose us to grab the best quality product. We also offer strong customer care service. Our main purpose is to deliver our client the best quality product which lasts long.

11. How about polyester satin fabrics after-sales service?

We always focus on customer service and after-sale service. Once you will buy the product from us and during transportation if any problem arises with product quality. Send us a picture with proper details. we will analyze and if find problem is on our side, we will replace the entire damaged lot without charging extra. We always support our customers online and offline. You can call us or mail us with your details or any query and we will reply mail within 24 hours. Whether you need the best quality polyester fabric bulk or huge order, choose our company now! We are one of the best manufacturing units that offer the best quality polyester fabric all the time. If you are looking for the best quality polyester satin fabric, then choose our company. We are one of the reputed manufacturing companies that have a large production, inspection, and packing team.

12. What is the mass customization price of polyester satin fabrics?

The cost of this fabric depends on the quality and manufacturer. There are different types of costs you will find online and offline. You can check online different manufacturers or you can contact directly to a different manufacturer and ask for the price quotes. After receiving price quotes, analysis, research, and choose the best manufacturer who provides the best quality polyester fabric at the best price. The quality of the product matters. Always choose a company that will be offering superior quality products at the best price. If you will place a bulk order with us, then you will also be able to get a 3% flat discount. This helps to save some money.

13. How to store polyester satin fabric?

It’s always better to wash properly. During washing avoid always raw detergent and violent friction Choose always natural detergent and give proper soaking time. It’s always better to avoid exposure to sunlight and you have to keep store fabric in a dry place. Choose the best type of fabric as per your need. we always provide quality products which last long There are different types of fabric available in the market and you may choose any type of fabric as per your need. we have a large production department and we also have a large inspection team. Choose the best type of quality polyester satin fabric as per your need.

14. What is the minimum order quantity for polyester satin fabrics?

We are one of the china manufacturers. We can produce large quantity production and sent within few months. If you need less quantity, then you have to place us a minimum of 5000M/Dies per color. We never accept below this quantity. If you need 100-200 products, then you should buy from the local store. If you will buy from us a small amount, then you have to pay the huge transportation cost. Choose the best deal from us. we are one of the best manufacturing companies that offer the best polyester satin fabric all the time.

We have a large production team and we can deliver the order within time. But if you need a minimum order quantity, then 5000M/DIES per color will be the last option. We also have some simple processes; you have to follow such a process to provide order. We focus on quality and we can offer customized packing. Choose the best deal online now!

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