Cxdqtex provides you with patient and meticulous customer service, allowing you to enjoy a pleasant wholesale service

First Rate Service

We have excellent production team and business team , for very customer to provide efficient service, and according to different situation,timely adjust the production plan,and continue to provide new value for the guests.

Personalized service

Each request is handled by a dedicated team, responsible for the entire process from quotation, production to delivery.

Consulting services

From the beginning of the consultation, we have professional sales staff docking, and use safe transportation methods for delivery. If there are any problems in the follow-up, you can also contact our after-sales staff.

Custom design service

In order to meet your various needs, our designer team will provide customized design services according to your needs, and adopt a suitable process, so that you can get the polyester fabric you want.

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30% deposit in advance
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Bulk production

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We hope you are satisfied! This is why we have developed service solutions that will support you even after your purchase.

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