Top 15 Best Wholesale Fabric Suppliers In The World(2024)


Since prehistoric times, fabrics have been an integral aspect of life. This is since fabrics are used for various applications, particularly in the textile industry. Today’s market offers a diverse choice of materials, each of which serves a certain purpose. Importing wholesale fabrics directly from best wholesale fabric suppliers worldwide will save you a lot of money. 

Fabrics are a part of a person’s identity. It is a fabric or substance made by weaving the threads. Fabrics come in various materials, including cotton, silk, nylon, wool, linen, and others. Men used to cover themselves with animal skins before the invention of fabric. There has long been debate about when people first began wearing garments. The cloth was initially used between 10,000 and 50,000 years ago. Textiles originally appeared in the Middle East around the late Stone Age. The industry has changed dramatically since then. People’s demeanor has evolved, and clothes have become a status symbol. Some cave drawings indicate that people dressed roughly 30,000 years ago during the Paleolithic epoch. Archaeologists have also uncovered several stitching implements, proving their presence. 

Fashion designers and garment companies like to buy in bulk to save money and maintain a consistent supply of raw materials to meet customer demands. Fabric wholesalers stock and sell pre-packaged continuous rolls of cloth in various lengths. 

The top 15 best wholesale fabric suppliers in the world will provide you with an excellent starting point.

List of the top wholesale fabric suppliers:

We are confident that you will discover the best fabric suppliers who meet your needs in the list below, regardless of where your company is located.

List of the Top Wholesale Fabric Suppliers:​

China Textiles, found in China and supplying the entire world, should be your first choice for wholesale materials. It is one of the best choices for all of your fabric’s needs and expectations. 

China is the world’s largest textile producer. With its fast rise over the previous two decades, China’s textile sector has become one of its economic cornerstones. The country’s competitive advantages for the textile manufacturing business include low labour costs and a large labour supply, fewer commercial obstacles, and a robust material supply. In terms of raw materials, China produced over 79 billion metres of cloth in 2017 alone and 5.99 million metric tonnes of cotton in 2017/2018.

Fabrics in-stock 










·Double weave



The store was founded by a dissatisfied designer who was tired of waiting for paychecks. He and his wife decide to start a small business, which eventually grows into one of the country’s largest retailers. Top fashion designers are among their most important clientele, but the film industry relies on them for costume fabrication. This demonstrates that they are trustworthy and exceptional in their profession. 

Mood fabrics are one of the best fabric suppliers in the. Mood Fabrics is a fixture in the New York fashion scene, well known for its association with the television show Project Runway. Mood Fabrics is a large provider of textile products for the garment and apparel sectors, selling high-end and low-end fabrics. The Garment division they have its headquarters in New York City, NY.

Based in New York City, Mood Fabrics is one of the best fabric suppliers in the United States. It carries a large selection of high-quality fabrics and sewing supplies. Their collection, which has been featured on Project Runway, comprises, but is not limited to, cotton, crêpe, denim, chiffon, brocade, silk, satin, lace, linen, wool, polyester, rayon, velvet, suede, and jersey and knit. They also have printed fabrics on hand. Mood Fabrics distributes materials by the yard and counts some of the greatest names in the worldwide fashion business and film costume designers among their clients.

Fabrics in-stock




·Special fabrics



·Jersey and Knit

·Printed fabrics

·Performance fabric


Vogue Fabric Store-cxdqtex

In Evanston, Illinois, Vogue Fabric Store carries textiles, including cotton, fleece, polyester, rayon, suede, fur, wool, chiffon, georgette jacquard, organza, nylon, poplin, satin, velvet, and knit and stretch woven fabrics. Bamboo, cork, vinyl, voile, and acrylic textiles are all available at the store. The business also carries batik, taffeta, hand-woven Dupioni silk, seersucker, Shantung, and challis textiles. 

Vogue Fabric Store is well-known for its extensive choice of textiles in every weave, colour, print, and pattern and its outstanding customer service. It certainly is a sanctuary for those working in the textile and cut and sew industries!

Fabrics in-stock

·Kona Cotton


·Fleece and Fur


·Polyester Poplin

·Chiffon and Organza

·Velvet and Suede

·Silk Dupioni

·Bridal nettings and Organzas

·Knit and stretch Woven fabrics

Denver Fabrics-CXDQTEX

When compared to market rates, the pricing is incredible. They also provide discounts and holiday packages. You won’t have to sell your kidney to get bulk fabrics for your businesses. 

Denver Fabrics, located in St. Louis, Missouri, is one of the greatest collections of wholesale fabrics in the United States. Cotton, denim, georgette, Dupioni silk, jacquard, rayon, satin, chiffon, velvet, suede, and wool are among the textiles they carry. They have double knit and sequin materials and printed and embroidered fabrics in their assortment.

Fashion designers and dressmakers also choose to get their raw materials from Denver Fabrics because of the substantial savings offered on bulk purchases and during festive seasons and holidays.

Fabrics in-stock


·Leather Fabric




·Chiffon Fabrics

·Sequin Fabric

·Embroidered Fabric

·Suede and Velvet

·Suiting Fabric

·Printed Fabric


·Silk Dupioni 


·Double Knit Fabric

·Georgette Fabric

·Jacquard Fabric

·Knit Fabrics

Wholesale Fabric Suppliers Online | Fabric Wholesale Direct

Fabric Wholesale Direct, located in Farmingdale, New York, offers high-quality fabrics. Furthermore, there is no minimum order quantity. The ability to purchase textiles in tiny amounts is advantageous for designers who require only a small number of a specific fabric for a limited-edition clothing line or dressmakers who wish to learn the drape and feel of a material they have never dealt with before. There is no minimum order quantity, so any new client can obtain fabrics in small amounts and then order in bulk if they are satisfied – which they will be.

Fabrics wholesale direct is one of the best wholesale fabric suppliers. Suede, organza, chiffon, fleece, muslin, Dupioni silk, terry cloth, peach skin, flannel, denim, brocade, challis, jacquard, lace, linen, twill, poplin, satin, fake fur, vinyl, and voile are among the materials available at Fabric Wholesale Direct.

They also have an incredible selection of printed textiles with African-inspired patterns, celestial and floral themes, and animal prints. Fabrics with images inspired by the church, the world of babies, and nursery rhymes are also available, as are geometric patterns, paisley motifs, gingham check, stripe, and tie-and-dye designs.

Fabrics in-stock












Fabric Selection-CXDQTEX

Fabric Selection Inc., based in Los Angeles, California, wholesale sells contemporary and unusual fabrics. Designers and dressmakers that wish to produce distinctive styles that stand out while adhering to fashion trends frequent their stores. Cotton, silk, georgette, satin, polyester, woven and knit materials, mesh textile, lace, and Bengaline fabric are all available. 

Fabric Selection Inc. goes above and above to keep up with its target audience’s changing times and lifestyle preferences. As a result, they also carry customized textiles for yoga gear, loungewear, and face masks.

Fabrics in-stock

·Animal Print 



·Woven Fabric 


·Mesh Fabric

·Knit Fabric


·Bengaline Fabric

·Lace Fabric

Nick of Time Textiles-CXDQTEX

Nick of Time Textiles, Ltd. It is a wholesaler of low-cost clothing and designer fabrics. They supply denim, cotton, knit, suiting, printed, canvas, and various other materials at reasonable prices. They are based in Allentown, Pennsylvania. 

Nick of Time Textiles, Ltd., based in Allentown, Pennsylvania, is one of the leading wholesale fabric sellers in the United States. They have a large selection of basic and unusual textiles to fulfil the diverse needs of fashion designers.

The textiles they stock are of the greatest quality, yet the prices are dirt inexpensive compared to market pricing. They carry cotton spandex, double knit materials,  brushed denim, canvas, and fabrics with floral, geometric, and holiday-themed motifs. Nick of Time Textiles, Ltd. It is an excellent location to shop for new enterprises that wish to reduce material costs to a minimum.

Fabrics in-stock

·Holiday designs

·Geometric designs

·Denim brushed

·Cotton spandex

·Double Knit

·Floral designs

·Benim solids


Nitin and Jia Pamnani founded iTokri in 2012. Through its website and ecommerce channels, it sells home décor goods, printed suit materials, purses, dupattas, neckpieces, pillow coverings, and other items.

Itokri, an Indian handicraft store, is the place to go for everything woven and stitched. Their selection of cotton, silk, and linen textiles ensures something for everyone and every occasion. So, whether you’re searching for something to unwind in or a statement saree, their handcrafted variety will satisfy even the most discriminating buyer.

Buy from a wide assortment of handcrafted textiles and items from India, including linen fabric online, cotton fabric online, silk fabric online, designer georgette fabric online, and batik fabrics online. Buy plain cotton fabric or embroidered fabric online to construct shirts, kurtas, and gowns. Choose from their extensive collection of ikat and banarasi fabrics. It is one of the best fabric suppliers in the world.

The modern woman may have a closet full of traditional clothing for numerous events throughout her life. However, she would require a new cloth for festivals, weddings, or parties each time. You may now shop fabric material online at iTokri to learn more about the country’s rich tradition and royal past. You will be able to develop runway-ready masterpieces from your fabric in no time because you will get practically all types of designer materials and suit fabric online famous in India across states. They even have the ideal fabrics to meet your online shirt fabric needs. If you’re shopping for quilting fabric, iTokri is one of the greatest quilting fabric stores online.

Fabric for elegant lehnga choli dresses, palazzo trousers, Anarkali salwar kameezes, and more can be found in their brilliant online collection. You can choose from various hues to discover one that completely matches your preferences. So, go online and get the fabric to create personalized gowns for multiple occasions.

Fabrics in-stock

·Silk Fabrics of India

·Maheshwari Silk

·Linen Fabrics

·Mulberry Silk Fabrics

·Mulberry Silk Fabrics

·Rayon Fabrics

·Hand printed Fabrics

·Pure Cotton Fabrics

·Raw Silk Fabrics

·Tussar Silk Fabrics

·Ajrak block prints

·Chanderi Silk Fabrics of India


Akrithi is an online store in Chennai that offers a large selection of textiles, laces, and latkans, all under one roof. When it comes to embroidered borders and even stunning tassels, you may find pieces to match all of your outfits (ranging between INR 45 and INR 5,600). While this shop specializes in fabrics such as Banarasi, a printed cotton, and satin, it is also a treasure trove of handcrafted bangles. 

Not only that, but they also have a genuine silk Kota saree line that starts at INR 2,450.Cotton, silk, organza, and chiffon in their inventory are of the purest quality. These are some of the most sought-after fabrics, with just a few vendors capable of providing them. They also have one of the greatest collections of banarsi brocade, handprints, and saree textiles in the country.So go to their website and look through their enormous assortment of one-of-a-kind materials.

Fabrics in-stock


·Pure satin silk

·Plain cotton

·Shimmer georgette

·Kota doriya


·Pure raw silk

·Pure organza silk




Wholesale Fabric-cxdqtex

Patrons from all over the world can now browse the catalogue and inventory of the online store. Imagine finding the ideal suppliers for your company from the convenience of your own home or workplace. Can’t believe it? If you try wholesale fabrics, you’ll never go back!

When selecting a fabric, think about where and how the cloth will be used (inside, outside, for theatre performances, for normal wear, for decorating, etc.) and what properties you require. Cotton, for example, is a more breathable fabric for warmer seasons, whilst flannel can make the quilt cozier and more hospitable for colder seasons.

If you’re unsure which fabric is best for your project, don’t hesitate to contact the skilled and expert team at wholesale fabric UK. One of their staff would be pleased to show you their fabric choices and assist you in selecting the ideal alternative for you. They also allow you to request a fabric swatch to be sure you’re ordering the proper fabric when you buy wholesale fabric from them.

Fabrics in-stock






·Felt and Fleece


·Net and Organza





·Satin and Sequins


Oddies Textiles has been in business for more than a century, first as a retail store and then as a significant importer and wholesaler of textiles for the UK textile sector. Oddies Textiles has agents in most parts of the UK who can come to your place of business and show you their entire range or specific items tailored to your needs. If you live in one of the few places where they do not currently have a UK representative, they can send you samples. 

They boast the largest stock-supported selection of fabrics in the UK, with over 200 standard lines in numerous hues, over 300 Cotton Print designs, Viscose Print, Antipil Fleece Print, Polycotton Print, and Satin Print ranges – to name a few. Oddies Textiles has been in business for more than a century, first as a retail store and then a major importer and wholesaler in the UK textile industry. You can sign up for free on their website to learn more about their prices and collection. You can also go to their Lancashire headquarters.

Fabrics in-stock

·Polycotton Print

·Fleece Print

·Viscose Print

·Satin Print

·Net and Organza

·Cotton Print


Fabric Land-cxdqtex

Fabric Land is a family-owned business selling haberdashery and fabric for over 36 years, ranging from lycra for swimwear and aerobics to the finest wedding textiles. Fabric for cruise ship entertainment, dancing schools, Irish dance costume materials, and theatre use is their specialty.

Fabric Land is located in the heart of the town. Tesco Express is a 2-minute walk from Oxford Road, turning right onto Cheapside at the end of the road. Broad Street Mall is also within walking distance.The business has grown to include five retail locations. Clients include the theatre sector and carnival cruise ships.

Fabrics in-stock

·Coating & Jacketing Fabric

·Cotton (plain and patterned)


·Silk (faux)



·Lace and Netting 

·Suedette Fabric




·Cross Stitch Fabric


·Suiting Fabric





Colette Guanta and Greg Spirou created Tessuti Fabrics in Chatswood, Sydney, in 1992. It has since been recognized in Australia as the home of some of the world’s most stunning designer fabrics. Customers value the product’s quality and the personal, caring service provided by the team, who all have extensive sewing and fabric knowledge. 

Tessuti Fabrics has been home to the world’s most stunning designer fabrics since 1992, with outlets in Sydney and Melbourne. Their extensive and ever-changing range of European and local designer ends comprises the finest wools, silks, kinds of cotton, linens, and laces from worldwide, including Italy, Japan, and France.

Over thirty notable Australian and international designers are represented. Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Missoni, Zimmermann, Manning Cartell, Cue, and many others have had collections in the past and present.With their vast choice of silks, including silk satin, dupion, georgette, chiffon, organzas, and duchess, they cater to brides, bridesmaids, and mothers-of-the-bride.Their Surry Hills and Melbourne locations also have an exceptional assortment of French laces, making them ideal for bridal and formal attire.

The brand name was already well recognized within the Sydney sewing community. Therefore one of the most significant aspects of the redesign process was found on search engines in Australia and subsequently globally. The website was created with SEO in mind, allowing for slow and organic development in all major search engines over time.

The primary website’s user experience was also a major priority. Quick access to shop locations, trading hours, and other fabric store information was needed. The most recent design is clean and basic, allowing customers to navigate the site and simply locate the information they require.

Fabrics in-stock



·Patterned fabrics




·Printed fabrics


·Silk satin



Based in New York City, Berenstein Textiles provides every couture and designer house in the United States. They also serve several Fortune 500 organizations and clientele in New York City’s Theater District. They pick fabrics from the finest mills worldwide, saving clients time by giving the best. Their assortment features the most recent trends and hues in nearly every fashion area.

They have a large inventory of some of the most diversified fabrics in the country. Their list comprises Brocade, crêpe, jacquard, Dupioni silk, Shantung, taffeta, lace, suede, microfiber, velvet, corduroy, and various flexible fabrics spandex. Berenstein Textiles also sells embroidered, transparent, sequined, and textured textiles. 

·Stretch & Spandex

·Crepe & Texture

·Lame & Metallic

·Dupioni & Shantung

·Lace & Embroideries

·Brocade & Jacquards

·Microfiber & Suede

·Satin & Sheer

·Suitings & Solids

·Tulle & Netting

·Velvet & Corduroy

·Lining, Taffeta, and Interfacing


If you are looking for the best wholesale fabric suppliers, you are in the right place. Cxdqtex is one of the top quality fabric manufacturers in China, offering a wide range of materials. In addition, we allow you to choose your own fabrics and styles, making it easy for you to buy fabrics. So choose wholesale fabrics in your favorite colors and make them into a wide variety of finished products.

Customize your cute fashion outfits with a wide range of designer materials from the Cxdqtex fabric warehouse. You can get the ideal fabric for your chosen style online.

Cxdqtex is popular with wholesalers and small clothing businesses all over the world. After all, you won’t find such a design at a price comparable to Cxdqtex!

When starting your next project, you want to make sure you have high-quality fabrics at your disposal. Cxdqtex comes into play here. Cxdqtex provides high quality wholesale materials. We have the fabrics you need to make quilts, sew dresses or design a complete clothing line. Please contact us today for more information on our materials. We are more than happy to provide excellent customer service and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


This is a very important topic, as it relates to the fabric’s essential role in life. Fabric has been an essential part of life since prehistoric times. This is because people used fabrics for various purposes, especially in the textile industry. Today, a wide variety of fabrics are available in the market, each with a specific purpose.
If you plan to order fabric in bulk, the Top 15 Best Wholesale Fabric Suppliers in the World (2023) list will give you a good starting point. Finally, the online shopping guide will help you choose reliable fabric suppliers and factories to avoid losses.

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