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Polyester Peach Skin Fabric-Anti-Wrinkle Soft, Good Air Permeability

Cxdqtex provides you with a one-stop solution for peach skin fabrics, with rich colors, a wide range of varieties, and quality assurance. You can choose according to your preferences.
Are you looking for Peach Skin Fabrics that are both beautiful and practical? Cxdqtex has everything you need! We offer a variety of peach skin fabrics in different patterns and sizes, so you can find the right one for your project. Plus, our fabric samples always come with quality assurance to make sure that you’re getting the best possible product. So why wait? Check out our selection today!

100 Polyester Peachskin Fabric-Cxdqtex

100 Polyester Peachskin Fabric ​

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Micro Peachskin Fabric ​

Micro Polyester Peachskin Fabric-Cxdqtex

Micro Polyester Peachskin Fabric ​

Microfiber Peachskin Fabric-Cxdqtex

Microfiber Peachskin Fabric

Polyester Pongee Fabric - Cxdqtex

Polyester Brushed Peachskin Fabric ​

100% Polyester Microfiber Brushed Pongee Fabric - Cxdqtex

Polyester Microfiber Peachskin Fabric ​

If you don’t have the microfiber peachskin fabric you need, you can send us a customized request

Cxdqtex-One of the Most Trusted Peach Skin Fabric Supplier

Founded in 2009, Cxdqtex is a large-scale comprehensive peach skin fabric supplier integrating R&D, production, sales and trade. The main products are 100 polyester fabrics, bus seat fabrics and various home textile fabrics. The factory is set up in the beautiful Zhejiang Huzhou City in the province is only three or four hours’ drive away from Shanghai and Ningbo Port. The transportation is very convenient. The company has more than 400 advanced looms, more than 100 high-quality and experienced employees, and hundreds of product varieties. It has advanced, With a sound and scientific quality management system, we can assure you of the continued stability of the company’s product quality and competitive price advantages.


Advantages Of Peach Skin Fabric Supplier

We have the strength and confidence to continuously and steadily provide you with high-quality peach skin fabric. By ordering micro denier polyester fabric at Cxdqtex, you can also get the following guarantees:

One-stop and considerate service

We have a first-class equipment management system, white embryo, dyeing, finished products, processing and after-sales one-stop service, so that you have more advantages in addition to price and quality, and perfect and considerate services to create more added value and benefits for you space.

Quality Assurance

Cxdqtex peach skin fabric is made of high-quality base fabric and reactive dyes, and has been treated with many exquisite craftsmanship. It has fine workmanship, soft and smooth feel, strong three-dimensional texture, light and strong wear resistance, bright color, good elasticity , and beautiful appearance. Helps you improve your brand image.


Every machine in the Cxdqtex factory undergoes quality testing from production to shipment. From materials to finished products, we have multiple quality inspection procedures, craftsmanship, and quality assurance, just to provide you with more skin-friendly Comfortable fashion feel.

Fast delivery

We have strong production strength and abundant supply reserves, strong ability to integrate resources, and can guarantee stable product quality and worry-free after-sales. We will deliver the goods promptly within the time stipulated in the contract without delaying your business plan.

Peach Skin Fabric Development and Customization

Cxdqtex has a professional R&D team, strong innovation ability, and has been keeping up with the trend of the times.
As a high-quality peach skin fabric manufacturing supplier, we can provide you with special customized services. In addition to our existing peach skin fabric types, we can also match colors according to your needs. The fabrics have different functions and can also Customized production according to your different functional fabric needs, and diversified customized services to meet your various needs.

Customized 100% Polyester Fabric Service - Cxdqtex

Fabric FAQ Guide

We are the direct manufacturer with more than 20 years experiences in polyester microfiber fabric and wax fabric. (like pigment printed , disperse printed , dyed fbaric .ect.)

Sample order is acceptable. Please contact with us and make sure what sample you need, in general,It will take 7-15 days to finish your sample.

In general, the leading time is about 15 to 35 days after receive the deposit , But please confirm the exact delivery time with us as different products and different quantity will have different leading time.

We need 30%T/T for deposit when you place the order ,the balance should be paid against B/L copy within 15 days.We can accept LC at sight. D/P at sight, CAD.

Our sales service is 24 hours , if you have any question, pls free contact with us .

1-Ask your agent in China to check the goods for you.
2- Ask we send you the shipment sample for confirmation before ship. Also we can send you 1 meter.

Polyester Peach Skin Fabric FAQ Guide

1.What is peach skin fabric?

What is peach skin fabric? Peach fabric is a light-medium 100% polyester fabric. Its polyester microfibres are brushed to create a smooth, suede-like texture with subtle ribbing, a matte finish and unfinished edges. The fabric has an elegant, flowing drape.

This fabric is a very versatile fabric that is perfect for water unwilling swing project purposessuch as, board shorts, buckets hats or beach bags and many more. It is a beautiful fabric that can use for floating dresses, tops, blouses, skirts, pants, jackets, lingerie and night dresses. This one is a super comfortable fabric as well and also ideal for making some luxurious products, like sheets or silky and soft pillow covers. And the best thing is this fabric has the best thing that is it can be unwrinkled all day after rough use.

2.Is peach skin fabric waterproof?

The fabric may not be totally waterproof but it comes very close to being that way. When used as bed sheets the fabric has a wicking characteristic that helps get rid of any moisture you produce during the night.

So that you could not fully confirm it to a waterproof fabric but it has water resistant power that is why this fabric can close to the same items which are water proof. This fabrics character is very interesting. It can be rid of moisture as well and this is a very attractive thing for a piece of fabric or some material. If you use it once then you have come to feel every day that peach skin fabric is the best in every way.

3.Is Peachskin fabric expensive?

As it’s a weighty fabric it can be used to make dramatic circle skirts or added ruffles to dresses. Peachskin has a smooth texture and is soft to touch. It is lightweight has a beautiful drape. It has the luxury feel of silk and viscose but is inexpensive, hardly creases and doesn’t need much ironing.

So this fabric is not that much experience but it is a very beautiful and fabulous product. Not every good thing needs to come with huge prices. Good things may be also available ata comfortable price. And this fabric has many offers when you go for buying it. You can purchase it from anywhere as per your choice ata very affordable price. So it is not a very expensive product at all. Sometimeswe thought every expensive thingalways has to be good but if you use this fabric which is very affordable in price and also good in materials then you got yourself wrong.

4.Can you wash peach skin fabric?

Peach skin fabric should only be washed in cold or warm water and dried on medium heat for 20 minutes time minutes max). If disinfecting is needed, we suggest adding a cup of white vinegar to your rinse.

Washing a peach skin fabric is not very difficult at all. It is very easy to wash for all of us. You can wash it in your washing machine but the water should be cold because hot water can damage your fabric badly. It will not take a long time to wash also. But be careful and softly wash this fabric. You can use vinegar to clean it. It will give a glossy effect to this peach skin fabric. You just need to keep some basic information in your mind while washing it. If you give it the proper wash or treatment then it will last a long time.

5.Is peach skin polyester?

Peachskin is a lightweight polyester fabric that is soft to the touch and the perfect material for that special dress or blouse.

Polyester is a mainly synthetic petroleum based product. In each year it needs 70 million barrels of oil to make a polyester around the world. And this material is nowadays used for making many things commonly. So that this one is used for making dresses such as kurtas, blouse, pyjamasor many more. Besides this, it can be used for windows curtain or bed sheets also. It is a very breathable fabric and lightweight as well. We all have some confusion about polyester fabric but nowadays this fabric makes magic with it’s characteristic.

6.What is peach skin fabric microfiber?

Peach skin fabric is a luxurious microfiber fabric that is 100% polyester. This soft and suede-like fabric can be used in numerous applications such as apparel, hospitality, and special events.

So if you are looking for the smoothest and comfortable or versatile microfiber fabrics then go for this microfiber peach skin fabric as it is the best option for that. This one is very soft and you can feel the relaxation after just touching it. You can get it in any colour as per your choice it is a luxurious and the most beautiful fabric. You can blindly use it on your special events that will make your space more elegant. Microfiber is a luxurious item that we want to use. So it is for sure that the peach skin microfiber is the best one.

7.Is peach skin fabric stretchy?

Peach skin fabric is a luxurious microfiber fabric that is 100% polyester. This soft and suede-like fabric can be used in numerous applications such as apparel, hospitality, and special events.

So if you are looking for the smoothest and comfortable or versatile microfiber fabrics then go for this microfiber peach skin fabric as it is the best option for that. This one is very soft and you can feel the relaxation after just touching it. You can get it in any colour as per your choice it is a luxurious and the most beautiful fabric. You can blindly use it on your special events that will make your space more elegant. Microfiber is a luxurious item that we want to use. So it is for sure that the peach skin microfiber is the best one.

8.What can I make with peach skin fabric?

This lightweight polyester Peachskin has a slight 4-way stretch. It also has a nice weight & would drape very nicely.

It is may not fully stretchy fabric but it can still losses its shape as you use it or handle it very roughly. But not in an excessive way. When you touch it then you feel good. It is wildly used in many ways. Not every stretchy thing are good. Sometimes we saw that after stretching the fabric looks horrible and look very dull but this peach skin fabric will always be gorgeous if you treat it appropriately.

9.What is peach skin fabric used for?

Like other fabrics, you encounter peach skin that has a variety of uses. One use is for clothing items. You can make nice dresses, top blouses, and skirts with the fabric. You may need to use a lining so that the raised surface doesn’t scratch your skin.

Then if you already have enough clothes, you can use it for a variety of home needs. These include curtains to keep what you want private, private. Then it is a good fabric for pillowcases, bedsheets, quilts, and cushion covers. The peach fuzz texture should feel nice when you lay on it.
To dress up the fabric you can add embellishments like sequins and really make yourself or a loved one stand out. When sewing with the fabric you may want to use a smaller needle and longer stitches so there are fewer holes in the garment.

Like not all fabrics respond in the way we want. Uses of peach skin fabric is an adventure, this one can tear, rip very quickly if you are not that much careabout it. Just keep in mind that this fabric does not act like other fabrics. You can make nice dresses that will be very comfortable to you and will not give you any scratches on your skin as it is very soft. And even you used it as your bad sheets then you will find it very comfortable again. Every one needs comfort while sleeping so this fabric will be your best choice for that. And as you already know that you can use it to design your rooms or much hotel management decided to use it for their hotel rooms which look good.

Soft fabric with a brushed texture similar to the skin of a peach on one side, with a good amount of drape! Peachskin is often used to create blouses, skirts, and dresses with a lining. The surface of peach skin fabric is always smooth and velvet. This type of product is highly durable product and completely robust. It never creates any type of stretch and it is very easy to sew. Different types of tops, skirts, shirts you will find in the market using this fabric. You will make party wear using this type of fabric. For high-quality lingerie, this type of fabric is always ideal.

10.Peach skin fabric Characteristics

Peach skin is developed through a process that can use emery cloth, sandpaper, and chemicals. That process doe snot harm any of the characteristics that come with the fabric. In fact, it may help develop them.
Once completing the process, peach skin can drape well as well as move fluidly. Those are two of the characteristics that make the fabric a good fit with suits and dresses.
Another characteristic is that this fabric does resist wrinkles to some extent. That cuts your ironing time down quite a bit. When used as sheets, your body still gets to breathe at night as the fabric is very breathable.
Also, the fabric is nice and soft which makes sleeping a lot more comfortable and you should be able to get a good night’s rest when using peach skin sheets and pillowcases. Finally, the fabric can be made into hypoallergenic and antimicrobial bed sets so even your allergy sufferer can sleep well.

Making this fabric, this material goes through many processing and get touched with many chemicals but it did not affect badly. It contains its all characteristic in it very strongly. It will also help to formulate and maintain its quality as well. This fabric can enclose very well and can proceed watery so that it is perfect for any use of making dresses or other things. And then another thing is as it is very breathable so that it will make you feel more comfortable and relaxing. Some of us have allergenic skin so that we are not able to use every fabric but this one is very reliable in this way also.

The price of Peachskin Fabric is always reasonable. There are several garments made with peach skin fabric and it is a very good quality fabric. Most business owners prefer polyester fabric always because it resists cold wind from outside and makes the inside warm. So, in the cool climate or winter season, people always prefer peachskin fabric. Several garments manufacturers prefer this type of fabric because using this fabric, manufacturer able to make different types of designing tops, dresses, pants, and other products. Choose the best type of fabric as per your need and requirement.

Using these fabric different types of men’s garments and women’s garments you can produce large quantities. Choose the best deal through us. We are ready to offer you the best quality fabric as per your need and requirement. Choose the best fabric as per your need. Once you are placing an order. You have to order a minimum quantity. We can’t accept small quantity orders as we have huge manufacturing units. You can place a minimum order and we will send it within time. We always offer top our client qualified, tasted peach skin fabric all the time. Our main motto is to deliver our clients the best quality products.

11.What does peach skin fabric feel like?

If you have ever gently touched the skin of a real peach then you have a good idea of what peach skin fabric feels like. The fabric has a raised nap so that its result feels like velvet. The fabric is also very soft.
On top of that, the fabric also feels very comfortable to wear. It is perfect for layered dresses and gowns. Plus, its usual 1500 thread count makes any bed sheet feel like you are in the lap of luxury.

Peach skin has always a softness. It also has smooth surface and velvet nature. This type of material is highly robust and durable product as well. It also provides zero stretch and once you will use this fabric for different purposes, it will make your purpose awesome. The main benefit of using Peach fabric is, it has a smooth surface. Using this surface, people able to make different types of garments, clothing, accessories, etc! You can use different types of colors for this purpose. Once the fabric will be finish, it looks awesome. This fabric is very soft and comfortable to use it is also very soft so if you will create peach clothes, people will love to wear them. The process of making this fabric is also very simple.

12.Is peach skin fabric breathable?

That is one of the key aspects of peach skin fabric. When turned into bedsheets and pillowcases you do not overheat. The fabric is very breathable and allows you to remain comfortable throughout the night.
The good news here is that breathable quality doesn’t remove any of the softness or comfort you are supposed to get when you use this fabric for bed sheets and pillowcases.
That breathable characteristic should also transfer to your clothing items. You should be able to remain cooler when wearing a peach skin outfit. Peach skin is known to be more breathable and lighter than cotton and other fabrics you normally use for your clothing items.
Of course, the fabric remains hypoallergenic and antimicrobial so you can let everyone use that fabric for their garments.

As the Peachskin Fabric is very soft in nature and comfortable, so most garments sector love to use such fabric to make suitable garments. There are different types of peach skin fabric available in the market and you may choose any type as per your need. We can offer you different types of fabric as per your need. Peachskin fabric is the best for home textile, garments, pajamas, sportswear etc. As it is very comfortable, so you can use it for many purposes. We are ready to provide you large quantity productions whenever you wish.

13.Peach skin fabric washing instructions?

Washing your peach skin items is not going to be that difficult. You can use your washing machine but do not use hot water. Warm or cold water only and do not mix with other fabrics.
You can use your regular laundry detergent, just do not apply any liquid directly to the fabric and that includes when you add the softener. Hang drying is the best way to get the items dry but you can use your dryer if you want.
If you use your dryer, just follow the instructions given in the previous section. Dry cleaning is a no-no as is ironing and that is okay as peach skin resists wrinkling. Remember you are working with a polyester fabric so that will guide your washing time.

If you are looking for the right quantity of Peach Skin Fabric, then we are the best option always. We always provide bulk orders within time. We check fabric type, quantity, and other details and then proceed. We also ready to provide you any print you wish. We can customize any type of print you need. We have a research team who will check and inspect the finished product and they once provide a green signal then we proceed. So, always choose the right Peach Skin Fabric as much as you need. Call us or send us the requirement and based on your need, we will send you price quotes.

14.How to control the quality of large quantities of peach skin fabric?

Mainly from the incoming material inspection, production process, du factory inspection, after-sales service and other aspects to control, so as to ensure the overall quality of the product. Incoming Material Inspection (IQC): Full inspection, random inspection, and batch inspection are performed on all raw materials and parts that enter the factory. Distinguish the defective products that do not meet the company’s requirements and make a clear mark.

We have an experienced team who are always ready to provide you best quality, printed, and designing customized peach skin fabric. We always focus on your need. We can customize any design you wish. We have a large production capacity and we can able to produce bulk production always. Find the best deal online and then proceed or you can contact us. We can produce a large quantity of peach skin fabric as per your need and requirement. There are different types of designs available in the market and you may choose any type of peach skin fabric as per your need and requirement.

15.How about peach skin fabric's after-sales service?

Customer receives the peach skin fabrics whithin 6 month, if thye find any problem can contact with us.

We always focus on quality. Our main objective is to deliver quality products which last long. We deliver high-quality peach skin fabrics always. If you are looking for the best quality manufacturer to buy a large quantity of peach skin fabrics, then we are the best solutions. We offer superior quality services at the best price. We never offer a small quantity of peach skin fabrics because the transportation charge will be higher than a product. We have a minimum order quantity and if you want to buy from us, you have to place a minimum order. And we also able to offer you a large quantity order.

We always focus on good packing during transportation. So, that during shipping there is less chance for damage to the products. We can pack as per your need. We can customize packing so that during transportation any type of accident may be prohibited. Our transportation is safe and we will pack always the best way so that products will be safe during transportation. Choose the best type of peach skin fabric and use it. We always offer strong after-sale service. We never compromise about the quality. After receiving the products, if you will feel a problem or error, we will replace the entire product easily.

We are always ready to offer you the best quality products which last long. Choose the best quality products or fabric which helps you to make different types of clothing parts. Find the best deal from us now!

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