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Polyester Seekers Fabric - Cxdqtex

Wholesale Polyester Stretch Seersucker Fabric - Variety of Colors and Choices

Cxdqtex is a large-scale comprehensive textile enterprise specializing in fabric production and sales in China. We offer a wide variety of 100% polyester fabrics, taffeta fabrics, polyester lining fabrics, bus seat fabrics, and more. Among them, seersucker fabric is a very popular polyester fabric of Cxdqtex, and there are nearly thousands of solid color seersucker fabrics to choose from. Our seersucker fabric is made of 100 polyester fabric, which is highly breathable, comfortable, and delicate to the touch, cost-effective, and can be applied to various types of clothing. Choose the seersucker fabric you want to buy.

Polyester Seersucker Fabric - Cxdqtex

Polyester Seersucker Fabric

Seersucker Fabric - Cxdqtex

Searsucker Fabric

Seersucker Fabric Wholesale - Cxdqtex

Seersucker Fabric Wholesale

Seersucker Fabric - Cxdqtex

Seersucker Fabric

Seersucker Stretch Fabric - Cxdqtex

Seersucker Stretch Fabric

Solid Color Seersucker Fabric - Cxdqtex

Solid Color Seersucker Fabric

If you don’t find the polyester seersucker fabric you need, you can send us a custom request.

Cxdqtex-One of Your Most Reliable Polyester Seersucker Fabric Suppliers in China

Established in 2009, Cxdqtex is one of your most reliable suppliers and wholesalers of polyester stretch seersucker fabrics in China. We have over 10,000 square meters of production space, intelligent production equipment, professional production technicians, and a scientific and perfect production management system, This ensures that we can provide you with high-quality polyester seersucker fabrics. With high-quality and cost-effective products and perfect services, Cxdqtex has brought a good cooperation experience to over 100 customers around the world.


Our advantages

We have the confidence and strength to provide our customers with the right products, wholesale seersucker fabrics at Cxdqtex, you can also get the following benefits and advantages:

Competitive price

Cxdqtex is a factory direct sale, there is no middleman to earn the price difference, you order polyester seersucker fabrics wholesale from us, we can provide you with seersucker fabrics with very competitive prices in the market, which greatly saves your budget and costs, allowing you to get more resources for a limited cost.

Perfect after-sales service system

Cxdqtex is a mature fabric textile enterprise. After years of development, we have a very mature after-sales service system. Our staff have undergone very strict training and can provide you with complete solutions online 24 hours a day. Therefore, you don't have to worry about any after-sales problems.

Provide warehousing services

Knowing that many customers do not have enough space to store their products, Cxdqtex provides warehousing services to customers around the world. We have built an independent warehouse center in China, with thousands of square meters of usable space, capable of storing thousands of items.

A perfect quality inspection team

We have a group of professional quality inspection teams, who strictly control the production quality of products, from the source to the finished product, every small link is strictly inspected and monitored to ensure that the products provided to our customers are of good quality.

Customized Polyester Seersucker Fabric Service

Cxdqtex is one of your most trusted seersucker fabric suppliers in China. We provide you with professional and cost-effective seersucker fabric customization services.
Cxdqtex provides customers with customized services for seersucker fabrics. We have a professional design team that can create fashionable and elegant polyester seersucker fabrics for you, and try our best to attract the public’s attention for a long time in the market, get unanimous recognition and praise, and help you create greater value and benefits.

Customized 100% Polyester Fabric Service - Cxdqtex

Fabric FAQ Guide

We are the direct manufacturer with more than 20 years experiences in polyester microfiber fabric and wax fabric. (like pigment printed , disperse printed , dyed fbaric .ect.)

Sample order is acceptable. Please contact with us and make sure what sample you need, in general,It will take 7-15 days to finish your sample.

In general, the leading time is about 15 to 35 days after receive the deposit , But please confirm the exact delivery time with us as different products and different quantity will have different leading time.

We need 30%T/T for deposit when you place the order ,the balance should be paid against B/L copy within 15 days.We can accept LC at sight. D/P at sight, CAD.

Our sales service is 24 hours , if you have any question, pls free contact with us .

1-Ask your agent in China to check the goods for you.
2- Ask we send you the shipment sample for confirmation before ship. Also we can send you 1 meter.

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Polyester seersuckers Fabric FAQ Guide

1. What is polyester seersuckers fabric?

Seersuckers are a cotton blend, polyester blend, and nylon blend as well. This type of fabric includes uneven texture and this type of fabric also offers some air circulation. There are many lightweight polyester and cotton fabrics available that alternate crinkle and smooth vertical stripes and never need ironing. During the summer month, seersucker is always the best fabric. It has awesome breathability and airlines as well. if you need the best quality polyester seersucker fabric then choose us. we are one of the best manufacturing company who is ready to offer you quality service all the time. 

Polyester is one of the hard fabrics and it also has low elasticity. It also includes high resistance power, so it can’t be stretched or shrinkage. This type of microfiber is always highly durable and it can be washed very quickly. There are different types of garments industries where people must use polyester seersuckers fabric for making garments and other products. If you are looking for durable and superior quality polyester seersuckers fabric then choose us. Choose the best type of polyester seersuckers fabric as per your need. We always provide the best quality, tasted, and quality fabric that lasts long. You will never get any quality issues with this.

2. Is polyester seersucker fabric breathable?

Yes, polyester seersucker fabric is ideal for the summer Month. And this type of fabric is always breathable. Polyester seersucke is always good for the different types of clothing. There is much activewear that is made through seersuckers fabric. There are different types of garments people can make using this fabric like shirts, shorts, suits, robes, etc. Many event management companies can use this type of fabric for home decor, bedding and curtains. Whether you are a trader, business owner, or whole seller and looking for the best quality polyester seersucker fabric then choose us. 

Buy best quality large quantity polyester seersucker fabric from us now! we are one of the best manufacturing companies that are ready to offer you the best support all the time. we also offer customized and superior quality polyester seersucker fabric to our clients worldwide. Contact us anytime during office hours or mail us. we will reply within 24 hours to your mail with details.

3. Does polyester seersucker fabric shrink?

Yes, polyester seersucker is always shrinking after washing. Its features also include cotton, so always pre-wash your fabric. If you will get quality fabric then the chances of shrinking after wash will be less always. Choose the best type of fabric as per your need. This is made through chemical reactions like alcohol and acid as well. In this combination, the molecule becomes a large molecule, and its structure repeats throughout its length. This fabric is one of the popular and most demanding textiles and different customers worldwide prefer this fabric for their clothes. Polyester is long-lasting fabric and it last always long.

4. Is seersucker woven or knit?

Presently, seersucke is mainly used for woven fabric, later it can transfer to knit as well. This type of fabric is completely lightweight and crimped. There are different types of quality polyester seersucker available in the market and textile manufacturer or garment manufacturing company produces different types of the woven or knit fabric also. Choose the best type of seersucker fabric as per your need. If you are looking for the best quality seersucker woven or knit, then choose us. we are one of the best manufacturing companies and we offer the best quality service all the time. The quality of the products is good and awesome.  Chemically, polyester is a polymer primarily composed of compounds within the ester functional group.

5. Should seersucker be ironed?

No, if you will choose polyester seersucker then it does not need to be ironed. If there are any wrinkles people find within the polyester fabric, then they will be hiding always. Choose the best type of polyester seersucker fabric as per your need. This type of fabric is the best for the summer month. This fabric is completely breathable and long 

Lasting as well. It does not also get fabric wrinkle very easily. This is one of the best types of fabric which last long. This is a warm fabric and it has a natural texture. Polyester is one of the popular textiles and it is one type of synthetic fabric. There are different types of garments companies available that buy such fabric for their garments. This type of fabric is made through a chemical reaction, between acid and alcohol.

6. Can you machine wash seersucker?

Using seersucker fabric textile industry made different types of clothes for men and women. You will get a T-shirt, top, jeans, suit and other products as well. Now, different types of clothes have different properties when made using the machine. Now, during washing, different clothing needs different techniques though they are made using the same fabric. Before washing using the machine, it’s better to consult with the cleaning instructor or expert then your product r clothes will never damage. 

If you are using any garments which are made using polyester seersucker, then you don’t need to worry. Normal machine washes with cold water are always better and it never creates bad impact on your clothing. You don’t need iron or steam for this purpose.

7. Is seersucker hard to sew?

No, if you want polyester seersucker for sewing, you can do this easily.  It’s a very simple and easy process. It also does not require much time. It also does not require any type of special treatment. You can buy any type of polyester or cotton or any other fabric seersucker and use it. Choose the best type of seersucker fabric as per your need. Polyester is always a durable fabric and if you will choose polyester seersucker fabric then it will last long. 

This is one of the best features you will find from this fabric. It’s a completely soft and durable fabric. Most the manufacturer prefers this fabric as raw material because of its quality. It’s durable and it will not damage very soon. People will use polyester seersucker fabric easily. It’s a completely durable fabric that lasts long. It has the power to absorb many chemicals easily.

8. How do control the quality of large quantities of polyester seersuckers fabric?

The quality of the fabric always plays an important role. Whether you need a small quantity or a large quantity, the quality of the product always plays an important role. If you want polyester seersucker fabric at the best rate with the best quantity then choose our company. We are china based large manufacturing company and we offer the best quality fabric type and style all the time. we also offer strong customer care service and strong after-sales service. We also focus on the quality of the products. 

We have a large inspection team and packing team. We can customize the packing and we also offer strong customer care service. We have advanced equipment and a proper QC team who will take care of every product. We will do a full inspection, and random inspection to identify any single product that has an error and we always use the best raw materials to produce the best quality fabric all the time.

9. What is the minimum order quantity for polyester seersuckers fabrics?

Polyester seersucker fabric is expensive and the demand for the product is also very high. If you require bulk quantity or huge quantity quality polyester seersucker fabric for your business or further production then choose us. We have a huge collection of different types of fabric and we also have strong manufacturing units. Choose the best type of polyester seersucker fabric as per your need. We have the proper setup to produce huge collections des per color. As we have large production and inspection and packing team so we can’t offer our client 10-100 M/DES per color. If you need a small quantity then you should choose a local fabric shop. If you need a large quantity then 5000 M/DES per color. Choose any color as per your need.

10. How to store polyester seersuckers fabric?

If you want to buy a large quantity or bulk quantity of polyester seersucker fabric, then you have to remember the following points.  First, it’s always better to avoid rough friction during washing your cloth. You always need to use normal detergent and never use the wrong chemicals. It’s always better to avoid alkaline detergents.  You also need to soak your cloth properly after wash. Give it proper time for soaking. It’s also better to avoid sun exposure. And you also need to store the fabric in a dry place.

It also has the power to resist any water or chemical easily. This exclusive feature makes this fabric more popular. It also has a stretching facility. You don’t need to make yourself uncomfortable whenever you wear this one.

11. How to pack and transport polyester seersuckers fabric?

If you will choose us for polyester seersuckers fabric, then we will provide you with standardization of packing. We will pack 100m/roll at a time. But based on customers’ place, area, and location, we can customize the packing and send it via truck or shipment. If you will offer us bulk order, we will also offer our client a great discount. Choose the best type of polyester seersuckers fabric as per your need. This type of fabric is also very lightweight. Polyester fabric is flexible as well. Most garment manufacturing units prefer polyester because it is lightweight and flexible as well. Check and select the best type of polyester seersuckers fabric as per your need. Polyester also has elastic properties and 100% polyester fiber will return all the time.

12. How to customize polyester seersuckers fabric?

The cost of this fabric depends on the quality and manufacturer. There are different types of costs you will find online and offline. You can check online different manufacturers or you can contact directly to a different manufacturer and ask for the price quotes.  After receiving price quotes, analysis, research, and choose the best manufacturer who provides the best quality polyester seersuckers fabric at the best price. The quality of the product matters. Always choose a company that will be offering superior quality products at the best price.                                            

If you need a large quantity of polyester seersuckers fabric and looking for a customized fabric, then we will also be able to do that! We have proper equipment, tools, experience, and designer who help you to make customize fabric as per your need. If you need to customize fabric, then you have to choose the following points or steps. First, you need to send us your design, like what type of design you are looking for! Second, based on your need and requirement we will make the pattern and send drafts. Once you will approve our sample then we will arrange for making mass production.

13. As a manufacturer of polyester seersuckers fabric, what services can Cxdqtex provide customers?

If you will choose us Cxdqtex, we are offering our customers all over the world, the best quality products all the time. We offer always first-class quality and we are also able to customize the production as well. if you need to customize the order, then before that we will send a sample. We offer samples all over the world free of cost. You just need to pay for the transportation. 

Polyester seersuckers fabric is very simple to clean. You don’t need lots of steps to clean this fabric. You can easily clean and dry polyester simply. You can even wash using a washing machine. You don’t even need iron for this purpose. Polyester garments are very simple to maintain. It’s a completely soft and durable fabric. Most manufacturers prefer this fabric as raw material because of its quality. It’s durable and it will not damage very soon. People will use polyester fabric easily. Choose us to grab the best quality product. 

We also offer strong customer care service. We provide after-sale service as well. if you find any lot damages during transportation, we will also replace the entire lot without any worry. Once you will choose our company for polyester seersuckers fabric, you will always get the best quality products. We believe in quality and offer excellent quality. We also have a long-term partner. Choose the best product from us now!

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